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We surround ourselves in good company. We decided that a great way to improve our products was to add the sales and support of companies you know and trust.

your dental water treatment specialists

The importance of having quality water in a dental office is frequently underestimated. It affects the condition of your equipment and the longevity of your handpieces. Vista Research Group strives to provide quality water treatment products for nearly every part of your dental practice. Please explore this site and talk to your favorite dental dealer to see how Vista Research Group can help improve the efficiency and quality of your office.

the VistaClear HP

The VistaClear revolutionized dental waterline treatment by, from a central location, skipping bottles and delivering quality water directly to your instruments. How could we possibly improve it? We started with higher capacity, more efficient filters that last longer and cost less to replace. We've streamlined the VistaClear line from six models to one. And finally we topped it off with a nicer, cleaner look that you'll be proud to show off to your patients.
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